Aoda guides you how to select a right low temperature refrigerate freezer.

In laboratories or hospitals, ultra-low temperature refrigerators are one of the indispensable and important equipment. So, how to choose a suitable one?

Function: What kind of samples a laboratory or hospital needs a low-temperature refrigerator to store, to match the appropriate machine according to your purpose.

Temperature range: Different experimental requirements may require different minimum temperatures. Ensure that the selected refrigerator can meet the lower temperature limit required by the experiment.

Capacity and size are also factors to focus on. The capacity of the refrigerator should be reasonably selected based on the actual needs of the laboratory, such as the remaining space in the laboratory and experimental benches, and avoid being too large or too small.

Cost: Some medical refrigerators for specific purposes such as chromatography, blood banks, vaccines and explosion-proof refrigerators, as well as deep-temperature refrigerators below -86 degrees, are more expensive. You should choose carefully according to your actual needs.

Refrigeration performance: The efficient and stable refrigeration system can ensure that the refrigerator maintains low temperature for a long time, reduces temperature fluctuations, and ensures the accuracy and consistency of experiments.

Sealing: Good sealing performance effectively prevents cold air from leaking, keeps the temperature stable, and also saves energy.

Safety performance: Equipped with complete safety protection mechanisms, such as alarm systems, etc., which can make us feel more at ease during use.

Brand and after-sales service: Choose a well-known brand and a manufacturer with good after-sales service so that problems can be solved promptly.

When choosing a laboratory ultra-low temperature refrigerator, you need to comprehensively consider all the above aspects, so that you can choose an ultra-low temperature refrigerator that is truly suitable for your laboratory and provide reliable guarantee for the smooth conduct of experiments.
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