What is the purity test in seed technology?

Seed purity workbench Application.
The seed purity workbench is composed of three integrated parts: the transmitted light source system, the operating table, the reflected light source and the amplification device. The seed purity workbench is provided by Aoda Instruments and is widely used in agricultural colleges and seed management stations at all levels, seed companies, grain and other departments. Today, the seed workbench has become an important product for seed inspection.

Function and features of the Seed purity Workbench.
1. Both sides of the workbench are designed with slopes based on ergonomic principles, making operation comfortable and labor-saving.

2. The lower part of the instrument is equipped with a drawer to store the selected seeds.

3. The left, right and rear sides of the purity table are designed with protruding edges to prevent side leakage of seeds.

4. The glass tabletop can be pulled out for easy replacement of lamp tubes.

5. The seeding hole facilitates the removal of screened seeds.

6. Wooden structure, ultra-thin observation platform, additional desktop lighting magnifying glass.

7. The standard configuration contains 2 pieces of glass with different colors, which has wide applicability.

Precautions when using the Seed purity Workbench.
1. When using the seed purity workbench, you need to place the purity table flat on the table, place the seeds to be observed on the table, plug in the power, turn on the switch, the brightness on the table will be soft, and the magnifying glass lamp will illuminate and amplify from above. Observe the seed condition more clearly.

2. There is a drawer under the workbench. Pull the observed seeds directly into the drawer. If you want to take out the seeds, you can unplug the plug in the drawer, catch the container under the hole, and brush them out with a brush.

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