Performance characteristics of seed air blower

What is seed air blower?
The seed air blower is mainly used to differentiate between pure seeds, waste seeds and inclusions. As a seed quality analysis equipment, when the sample seeds are placed into a pipe equipped with small mesh, and then let the fan through the mesh to classify the seeds, to get pure seeds and impurity seeds.

Important role for seed air blower.
Seed as the basis of agricultural production is also more important means of production, its purity has a very obvious impact on production. Seed purity analysis is a very detailed work, requiring staff to observe very carefully, screening. The use of manual separation, not only low efficiency, but also easy to fatigue. In recent years, with the continuous deepening of production practice, the value of the purity characteristics of most crops has increased by one percentage point, which has also increased the requirements for seed quality. The analysis of clarity in seed testing is also gaining more and more attention. For the analysis of seed clarity, nowadays generally use the seed air blower to analyze and determine. The instrument through the weight difference between the seeds and impurities to separate, and can be adjusted according to the size of the particles of wind speed and air volume, can achieve better screening results.
Performance characteristics of seed air blower
The seed air blower adopts microcomputer automatic control, touch key, automatic operation LED display set figures and actual figures, counting speed adjustable, no noise, high precision. The whole machine all metal shell, novel and beautiful appearance, with circuit self-tuning, speed adjustable, set to view, arbitrary counting, preset self-stop and other functions. Preset self-stop circuit control signals from the switch diode, finger wheel plucking switch and four inputs with the non-gate connection, when the plucking disk preset number and counting numbers match, the relay suction, thus cutting off the counting input, so that the counting input ground, stop feeding, LED display preset numbers.
Using seed air blower for purity analysis, efficiency and effectiveness will be significantly improved, which will help researchers to better carry out related work.

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