Precautions to keep in mind when operating bioreactor fermenters

To avoid accidents during the operation of the bioreactor fermenter, Aoda Instruments has compiled precautions for the safe use of the bioreactor fermenter.

I. Regularly check the manometer and safety valve, and replace or repair them in time if there is any malfunction.

2.Fermentation production has the general characteristics of chemical industrial production, easy to poison, corrosion, electric shock, combustion, explosion, and other industrial accidents, found during the operation abnormalities or accidents, should immediately stop the operation, cut off the water, electricity, gas, steam source, reported to the director of the plant to deal with.

3.Disinfection operations must wear overalls shoes, and gloves, open the valve, operate sideways, can not use the front or front of the valve seat, and prohibit winding sleeves to prevent scalding.

4.Beforehand should check whether the direction of the equipment valve is correct, pay attention to the exhaust port around whether there are other people or electrical equipment, to prevent steam, material liquid, and air into the bypass, open the valve, from the exhaust port when the steam is discharged, it is sometimes recommended that it is unlocked with the relevant personnel respectively.

5.Figh-temperature operation must protect the canned glass, is strictly prohibited to rinse cold vapor or hard things collision rupture.

6.All driving equipment shall not be touched by hand or other objects to avoid danger.

7.In the application process, strict pressure vessel pressure resistance should always pay attention to changes in steam pressure, is strictly prohibited to arbitrarily use over-pressure, over-temperature, high-temperature empty cans of cooling water to cope with the steamer caused by the negative pressure of the unstable facilities.

8.The alkali solution or water released due to accidents, should be promptly wiped, and the used feeding bottles and other items cleaned up promptly.

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