Precautions for use and maintenance of pipettes.

Precautions for use and maintenance of pipette.
1. Liquids with high concentration and viscosity will produce errors. The compensation amount to eliminate the error can be determined by experiments. The compensation amount can be set by changing the reading in the reading window with the adjustment knob.

2. You can use an analytical balance to weigh the weight of the pure water taken and calculate it to calibrate the liquid dispenser. 1ml of distilled water weighs 0.9982g at 20°C.

3. The pipette is strictly prohibited from absorbing highly volatile and corrosive liquids (such as concentrated acid, concentrated alkali, organic matter, etc.).

4. It is strictly forbidden to use a pipette to mix the liquid. Although sometimes we often do this, it is necessary to prevent the liquid from entering the gun body.

5. Pipettes must be calibrated regularly as required.

6. Clean regularly.
Regularly clean the pipettes in our hands, just use alcohol cotton, mainly wipe the outer shell, which can not only maintain the appearance, but also reduce the possibility of contaminating the sample;

After absorbing highly volatile and highly corrosive liquids, the entire pipette should be disassembled, rinse the piston rod and the inner wall of the white sleeve with distilled water, and dry them before installation and use. This prevents volatile gases from adsorbing on the surface of the piston rod for a long time, causing corrosion to the piston rod and damaging the pipette.

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