Precautions for the use of electronic balance

Electronic balance using precautions.

Pay attention to the surrounding working environment, as far as possible in the laboratory, the surrounding should be quiet, the workbench should be smooth, windows and air conditioning as far as possible do not have the wind blowing directly.

(1) Must often keep the balance indoor environmental health, more to keep the balance weighing room clean, once the items spilled should be careful to remove the clean in a timely manner.

(2) The electronic balance should be adjusted first, in a horizontal state. Try to use tweezers when taking weights. It is best to preheat for half an hour, preheating is completed, the balance for calibration.

(3) Then watch the manual, before operation, the electronic balance should be preheated according to the requirements of the manual.

(4) Then sometimes weighing volatile and corrosive substances, be sure to hold in a closed container, in order to prevent corrosion and damage to the electronic balance.

(5) During operation, the balance must not be overloaded for use, which will damage the balance.

(6) The temperature of the object put into the balance should not be too high to avoid damage to the instrument general temperature ≤ 70 ℃

(7) Electronic balance for high-precision measuring instruments, so the instrument installation location should be noted.

(8) Use the environment to avoid direct sunlight and heat, avoid working in a humid environment;

(9) Avoid in the channel of direct air circulation . Do not move the balance easily, otherwise the calibration work needs to be done again.

(10)The installation platform is stable and flat, avoid vibration;

(11) Open and close the electronic balance knob, put, take the weighing object, open and close the electronic balance side door, as well as adding and subtracting weights, etc., the action should be light, slow, do not use too much force, too fast, so as not to cause dislocation of the balance parts or damage.

(12) Adjust the zero point and read the weighing reading, pay attention to the electronic balance side door has been closed; adjust the zero point and weighing reading, should be closed with the balance. Adding or subtracting weights or putting or taking weighing objects must be carried out under the closed state of the balance. Do not turn on the balance completely when the weights are not adjusted.

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