Plant nutrient analyzer can better ensure plant grow healthily.

What is plant nutrient analyzer?
Plant nutrition analyzer, also called plant nutrient tester, is widely used in the measurement of plant nutrients in agriculture and forestry. Plant nitrogen content, chlorophyll and leaf temperature are important nutritional and physiological parameters for plant growth, which are important parameters reflecting plant vital signs. It is also an important basis for plant fertilization and irrigation. This instrument can quickly and non-destructively test the chlorophyll, leaf nitrogen content, leaf temperature three nutrients and physiological growth information of plants in the field, which is of great significance in agricultural research and production.

In addition to detecting the nitrogen content of plants, it can also detect the chlorophyll content of plants, as well as leaf temperature and leaf humidity, so as to comprehensively analyze the growth of plants. The Plant Nutrition Tester determines the relative amount of current chlorophyll in a leaf by measuring the light transmission coefficient of the leaf in two wavelength ranges, that is, in the two wavelength regions where chlorophyll chooses to absorb the long light of the wavelength to be determined, and calculates the measured value based on the amount of refracted light transmitted by the leaf. For testing, there is no need to pick plant leaves.


1.Plant nutrition analyzer mainly analyzes the nutritional status of plants and guides plant fertilization and irrigation, mainly detecting plant nitrogen, chlorophyll and leaf temperature. The instrument is able to quickly test the living plants without damaging the plant growth, in addition, the test results can be imported into the computer to analyze and view.

2.The small size of Plant Nutrition Analyzer makes it easy to carry around, and it is convenient to test the chlorophyll and nitrogen content of plants at different monitoring points. When testing, there is no need to pick plant leaves, and there is no need to take them to the laboratory for testing, which makes the work more efficient and does not adversely affect the growth of plants. After the test is completed, the user can enter the name of the plant, the standard nitrogen content and utilization rate, directly calculate the standard amount of fertilizer, you can also import the data into the computer to further analyze the plant nutritional situation, so that the user can formulate a reasonable fertilization program to reduce the waste of fertilizers and environmental pollution, to better protect the healthy growth of plants.
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