Things we need to consider when purchasing and using a pH meter.

Key points for selecting a right pH meter.
1. Measurement accuracy: According to the measurement accuracy, the pH meter can be divided into level 0.001, level 0.01, level 0.1, and level 0.2.
2. Temperature compensation function: According to the temperature compensation method, it is divided into manual temperature compensation and automatic temperature compensation.
3. Application scenario: According to the application scenario, it is divided into a laboratory pH meter for sampling laboratory measurement, a portable pH meter for on-site measurement, and an online pH meter for online automatic continuous measurement. At the same time, select the appropriate pH electrode according to the measured sample.
4. Reading mode: automatic reading, scheduled reading, scheduled interval reading, manual reading.
5. Data management function: whether it is necessary to store data and print data.
6. Communication interface: whether communication is required. Common communication interfaces are the RS-232 interface and the USB interface.
7. External devices: computer, printer, USB flash drive, scanner gun, automatic sampler, etc.
8. Other functions: user rights management and GMO management, etc.

How to select a right laboratory portable pH meters?
1. Research-oriented laboratories with high precision requirements: high precision and automatic temperature compensation functions are preferred.
2. High-throughput sample laboratories: optional automatic injector-assisted sampling.
3. Permission-managed laboratories: It is recommended to use GMP management functions.
4. Data management laboratory: optional functional instruments. Such as GLP data traceability, PC software operation, and data printing.
5. The sample needs to be stirred when measuring PH: a pH meter with a built-in stirrer can be selected, and the stirrer can be purchased separately.

How to chose a reliable online industrial pH and ORP measurement controllers?
It can be divided into data storage and communication functions, long-distance measurement, short-distance measurement, and industrial pure water PH.

Precautions for using a pH meter.
Measurement preparation.
1. Install the instrument and electrodes.
2. Prepare pH standard buffer solution.
3. Remove the protective bottle from the measuring end of the pH electrode. If it is a rechargeable electrode, you need to pull off the rubber sleeve on the upper end of the electrode to expose the small hole on the upper end. Clean the electrode with distilled water and blot it dry with filter paper.
4. Press the power button to turn on the instrument.

Operation precautions.
1. The pH value of the sample changes with temperature. Due to composition differences and physical and chemical properties, accurate temperature compensation cannot be performed. Therefore, the measurement result of the pH value is the pH value at the actual temperature of the current sample.
2. Although the pH value of the same standard solution is different at different temperatures, based on the correlation information between the pH value and temperature of the pH buffer solution, the electrode can be calibrated at different temperatures. Therefore, during calibration, the instrument needs to accurately obtain The temperature of the pH buffer solution.
3. If a temperature electrode or a PH triple composite electrode with a built-in temperature electrode is used, and the pH meter obtains the temperature of the PH buffer solution, it is called automatic temperature compensation.
4. If you use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the PH buffer solution and then manually enter the solution temperature value on the PH meter, it is called manual temperature compensation.
5. If accurate measurement is required, please calibrate and measure at the same temperature.
6. Calibrate regularly and judge the electrode status according to the electrode slope.

Maintenance for Laboratory and Portable pH Meter.
1. Connect the pH meter to the Q9 short-circuit plug, and the instrument should display 0mV.
2. When the pH measurement electrode socket is not connected to an electrode, please insert the Q9 short-circuit plug to prevent damage to the instrument.
3. Please place the Q9 short-circuit plug in a dry and clean environment to prevent the short-circuit plug from being corroded and affecting the short-circuit effect.
4. If the instrument will not be used for a long time, please disconnect the power supply and cover the dust cover.

Other things to be noted about pH meter.
1. Avoid leaving the instrument in a high-humidity environment for a long time. The use environment must meet the working conditions.
2. When measuring, the instrument should be placed horizontally on a balanced table to effectively avoid direct strong light.
3. There should be no strong vibration sources and strong magnetic field interference around the instrument.
4. There should be no obvious dust and corrosive gases in the surrounding air.

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