What’s pesticide residues in food/fruit/vegetable? What’s the types and harm to pesticide residues?

Why we need to pay attention to pesticide residues?
With the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, due to the need to control pests and diseases, people have expanded the use of a variety of pesticides, veterinary drugs and their dosage, thus improving the agricultural and animal husbandry production, but also brought some drug residues on agricultural products and feed pollution problems, resulting in a threat to human health, becoming a global common problems and some international trade disputes. Summer is approaching, all kinds of fruits and vegetables will be concentrated on the market, the following we popularize what is pesticide residues, what’s the types and harm. In order to help the general public to understand more about pesticide residue knowledge.

What is pesticide residues?
Pesticide residue is a period of time after the use of pesticides are not decomposed and remain in the organisms, harvest, soil, water, the atmosphere of trace pesticides, toxic metabolites, degradation and impurities of the general term.
Pesticides applied to crops, part of which is attached to the crop, part of the dispersal in the soil, atmosphere and water and other environmental, environmental residual pesticides in part will be absorbed by the plant. Pesticide residues reach humans and animals directly through plant fruits or water, the atmosphere, or are eventually passed on to humans and animals through the environment and the food chain.

Types of pesticide residues.
1. Insecticides and acaricides
Organophosphates, Pyrethroid,s Carbamates, Sarcotoxins, Organochlorines, and Acaricides
2. Fungicides
Commonly used are carbendazim, mefenoxam, triazolone, and so on.
3. Herbicides
The main ones are: Chloromethylamine, Mirex, Diquat and so on.

Pesticide residues harms.
The harmss of pesticide residues are mainly pesticide residues on the human body and the hazards of the market economy and crop hazards.

The harm of pesticide residues in humans.
1. Easy to cause obesity.
2. Easy to cause cancer
3. Endocrine disruption.
4. Will make the human body digestive disorders.
5. Affect the immune system and hematopoietic system.
6.Easy to cause fetal internal organs underdevelopment or malformation.

The harm of crop pesticide residues.
Due to the irrational use of pesticides, especially herbicides, resulting in frequent accidents, often resulting in large-scale yield reduction or even extinction, seriously affecting agricultural production. Soil residues of long-lasting herbicides is one of the important reasons.

The harm of market economy.
Countries around the world, especially developed countries attach great importance to the problem of pesticide residues, pesticide residues in a variety of agricultural by-products are stipulated more and more stringent limit standards. Many countries use pesticide residue limits as technical barriers to restrict the import of agricultural and sideline products and protect agricultural production.

Pesticide residue detection methods.
Biochemical detection method: the use of biological organisms extracted from a certain biochemical substances to carry out biochemical reactions to determine the existence of pesticide residues and pesticide contamination, in the determination of the sample does not need to undergo purification, or purification is relatively simple, fast detection speed. Among the biochemical detection methods, enzyme inhibition method and enzyme immunoassay are the most widely used.

Chromatographic rapid detection method: by simplifying the sample purification steps as much as possible, directly extracting and feeding samples to analyze organophosphorus pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits.

Pesticide residue related testing standards.
According to the national food safety standards of different countries.

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