Operations, precautions and maintenance of bioreactor fermenters

Maintenance of bioreactor fermenter.
1. If the joints of inlet pipe and outlet pipe are leaking, when tightening the joints does not solve the problem, the filler should be added or replaced.

2.Pressure gauge and safety valve should be checked regularly, if there is any failure, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

3.When cleaning the fermenter, please use a soft brush to scrub, don't scrape with a hard tool, so as not to damage the surface of the fermenter.

4.Supporting instruments should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.

5.Electrical appliances, meters, sensors and other electrical equipment is strictly prohibited from direct contact with water and steam to prevent moisture.

6.When the equipment is out of use, it should be cleaned in a timely manner, exhaust the fermenter and the residual water in the pipeline; loosen the lid of the fermenter and the hand hole screws to prevent permanent deformation of the seal.

7.The operating platform, constant temperature water tank and other carbon steel equipment should be regularly (once a year) paint to prevent corrosion.

8.Often check the reducer oil level, such as lubricant is not enough, need to increase in time.

9.Regular replacement of reducer lubricant to extend its service life.

10.If the fermenter is not used for a while, it is necessary to empty the fermenter and exhaust the residual water in the tank and pipelines.

Precautions of bioreactor fermenters.
1. Before sterilizing the tank, be sure to check the height of the liquid level in it, and require that all electrodes are not below the liquid level.

2. Before turning on the power supply of stainless steel fermenter, make sure to check whether the cooling water has been turned on and whether the temperature probe has been inserted into the tank, otherwise it will burn out the heating circuit.

3. During the fermentation process, be sure to keep the bench clean, used culture bottles and other items cleaned up in a timely manner, splashed acid and alkali liquid or water should be immediately wiped dry.

4. When installing, dismantling and sterilizing the tank, be especially careful with the pH electrode and the fragile and expensive parts of the tank.

Operating skills and methods for daily use.
1.The fermenter must ensure that all individual pieces of equipment can operate normally when using this system.

2.The fermenter in the sterilization filter, the steam pressure flowing through the air filter shall not exceed 0.17MPa, otherwise the filter cartridge will be damaged and lose filtration capacity.

3. Fermentation tank in the fermentation process, should ensure that the tank pressure does not exceed 0.17MPa.

3.The fermenter in the process of solid elimination, jacket steam preheating, must control the steam pressure in the working pressure range of the equipment, otherwise it will cause damage to the fermenter.

4.The fermenter in the empty elimination and the actual elimination, must exhaust the remaining water in the jacket of the fermenter. Otherwise, it may lead to the fermenter cylinder flattened, resulting in equipment damage; in the real elimination, it will also cause too much condensate resulting in the culture solution is diluted, so as not to meet the process requirements.

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