Operation and testing program to spring testing machine.

Operating steps to spring testing machine.
1. Under normal circumstances, plug the power cord, turn on the power switch, to be displayed after the stabilization, if the display data is not zero, please press the "zero" key to clear the torque value to zero.

2.According to the test needs, press the button torque unit conversion key, select the required unit.

3. Set before testing, specific steps such as parameter setting interface.

Testing program to spring testing machine.
1.According to the test requirements, select the appropriate mandrel, the mandrel will be installed on both sides of the test head mounting holes. Then install the tested spring to the main test mandrel, one end will be fixed by the secondary mandrel.

2.Crank the handle, so that the third mandrel and the other end of the torsion spring contact, in just contact with the force value and angle at the same time zero.

3.Liquid crystal screen shows the torque value and angle value is zero.

4.According to the requirements of torsion spring measurement, smooth and uniform rotation of the measuring handle, you can display the technical parameters of the measured torsion spring.

5.Repeat the above operation can verify the technical parameters of the torsion spring.

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