Medical refrigerators using small stickers in summer.

How to use medical refrigerator in summer?
1.As the weather gets hotter, Medical refrigerators have been working in the corner of the laboratory have ushered in again.In the most stressful season in the middle of the year, summer is often accompanied by high temperatures and two waters. 

2.As the temperature rises, doctors are placed. If there is no air conditioning and ventilation in the room with a refrigerator, the simultaneous operation of a large number of equipment will cause indoor continuity.

3.High temperature even leads to unstable voltage. How to use the medical refrigerator correctly in summer? Let's watch it together!

Small stickers for medical refrigerator.
The working condition is important.

If the equipment is placed in such a closed room, the high room temperature will cause a high ring temperature alarm of the refrigerator, which will also give the refrigerator. The compressor brings a greater burden and affects the working efficiency and service life of the compressor. Therefore, it provides a dry and cool. The importance of the working environment is gradually reflected.

Do not forget about keeping distance. 
When the refrigerator is working, keep a proper distance around the fuselage and the surrounding walls or items to ensure that the refrigerator is scattered. The thermal effect is better. When opening the door and access, pay attention to opening and closing, so as to reduce the loss of cold volume to reduce the working burden of the compressor.

Notice about frozen.
When using a low-temperature refrigerator, you should also pay attention to regularly checking whether there are any frozen strips. If you find any frozen, pay attention to clean up in time to prevent the door seal from freezing, causing the door seal to be deformed and damaged, which will affect the insulation effect.

Clean filter regularly.
Users who use ultra-low temperature refrigerators should also pay attention to regularly cleaning the lower filter of the refrigerator. It is recommended to check the filter every two months. Whether the network is dirty and blocked to ensure good heat dissipation and the normal operation of the equipment. 

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