Common troubles and solutions for lighting incubator.

Common troubles and solutions for lighting incubator.

Compressor does not cool:
1. In the balanced mode, the compressor is always working, the cooling effect is better and the compressor can be effectively maintained.

2. If it is a single-system operation, it will only work when the temperature drops to a certain value. When the door is opened and closed, it will cause large temperature fluctuations, causing the compressor to start frequently and shorten its service life.

The temperature inside the incubator is uneven:
1. It may be caused by the excessive density of discharged items.

2. If the light is used for a long time, the bulb will easily heat up and cause uneven temperature.

3. The circulation fan in the box does not work.

Freezing at the circulating air outlet:
Every refrigerated instrument will have a defrost cycle, during which the compressor does not cool. Use the heating element to melt the ice on the condenser. The melted water is likely to collect in the air outlet and eventually cause freezing.

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