How do you measure the area of a leaf?

Why we need a leaf area meter?
1.Leaves are the main part of crop production of organic nutrients and photosynthesis. Their size is an important indicator for measuring crop growth and yield and is also the main basis for the detection, cultivation, and management of crop diseases and pests. Therefore, rapid and accurate measurement of plant leaf area is of great significance in modern agricultural production. There are many traditional methods for measuring leaf area, such as grid method, copy weighing method, regression equation method, etc. 

2.The first two methods have higher accuracy, but the operation is complicated; the latter method is simple to operate, but the accuracy is not high. With the development of computer technology, leaf area measurement methods based on image processing have also developed rapidly and can be widely used in leaf area measurement of crops such as rice, wheat, and corn, as well as leaf area measurement of economic forests.

The leaf area meter provided by Aoda Instruments.
The leaf area meter can be used by researchers to measure non-detached leaves and has the characteristics of flexible, accurate, simple operation and portability. Moreover, the instrument processes data accurately, has a large amount of information, and is fast. It can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, grassland, and other fields.

The composition of the leaf area meter.
Portable handheld hardware devices, mobile phones, and APP software.


Functional features of the leaf area meter.
1. Adopting ergonomic principles, it is easy to use and simple to operate;

2. The leaf-spine thickness design can better adapt to the thickness of different plant leaves and will not affect plant growth after measurement;

3. The touch button design is adopted to ensure the accuracy of collecting pictures during measurement. The touch button has been used more than 10,000 times;

4. The system automatically separates the colors of the collected objects and the background, greatly improving the accuracy of data measurement;

5. It can realize single-leaf analysis and also supports multiple collections of longer leaves;

6. The handheld living leaf area meter can measure multiple parameters of leaves with one click: leaf area, leaf length, leaf width, aspect ratio, circumference, shape factor, and shape coefficient;

7. Support multiple sets of experimental data and pictures to be exported to Excel tables, and can be forwarded to other application software or exported to a computer, and the data is automatically saved to the cloud for a long time;

8. Support users’ independent registration via mobile phone, and automatically bind data and accounts;

9. Support mobile APP to scan the QR code and bind it to the device;

10. Software updates automatically.

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