A list of common laboratory instruments and equipment and their uses.

Common laboratory instruments and equipment with their uses.

Classification Product name Application
Titration Ph meter Testing ph.
Conductivity meter Measure the conductivity of electrolyte solution.
Automatic potentiometric titrator Acid-base titration, redox titration, precipitation titration, complexation titration.
Permanent stop titrator Indicates the titration according to the change of potential.
Karl Fischer Moisture Analyzer Measurement of product moisture content.
Gas and liquid chromatography Gas chromatograph Qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Liquid Chromatograph Qualitative and quantitative analysis.
Micro-sampler Used in liquid and gas chromatography analysis.
Gas generator Basic equipment.
Muffle furnace, high temperature furnace Sample pre-treatment.
SPE workstation For pesticide residues, traditional Chinese medicine or complex drug composition samples solid extraction and purification, after processing the sample can be directly into the liquid phase detection.
Post-column derivatization  Chromatography sample pre-treatment.
Luminosity, chromaticity UV-visible spectrophotometer Measurement of the absorption of different wavelengths of monochromatic radiation, quantitative analysis.
Visible Spectrophotometer Measurement of the absorption of monochromatic radiation at different wavelengths, quantitative analysis.
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Quantitative analysis based on the degree of absorption of characteristic radiation by atoms in the ground state of the element to be measured.
Colorimeter Measurement of chromaticity and chromatic aberration of pharmaceutical products.
Optical rotation and refractometer Polarimeter Measurement of the rotativity, concentration, purity and sugar content of analyzed substances
Hand-held Sugar Meter Measure the brix and sugar content of a solution.
Purification workbench and medicine cabinet Medical purification workbench Provide dust-free, sterile, and high-clean working environment.
PCR ultra-clean bench Aseptic operation.
Medicine cabinet Storage of medicines, purification of the environment, protection of operators.
Ventilation cabinet Routine operation to protect the safety of operators.
Boxes and chambers Constant temperature and humidity chambers For drug stability experiments.
Carbon dioxide incubator Cell, tissue, bacterial culture.
Vacuum drying oven Drying box , baking and all kinds of glass containers disinfection and sterilization.
Biochemical incubator For storage of bacterial species, biological culture, etc.
Precision Oven Heating and curing, drying and dehydration of raw materials, raw drugs, Chinese medicine tablets, extracts, powder, granules, punch, water pills, packaging bottles etc.
Hybridization box Hybridization process.
Sample storage and management Various refrigerators (ultra-low temperature) Sample storage.
Intelligent sample management system Intelligent sample management.
API-related Handheld near infrared spectrometer Qualitative and quantitative analysis for API identification, quality control of drug production process, counterfeit drug inspection, etc.
Sieving Instrument  Sieving of various APIs (antibiotics, vitamins, Chinese medicine extracts, Chinese medicine powder).
Rotary evaporator Separation and extraction of natural products and organic mixtures.
Parallel synthesizer Organic synthesis, solid-phase synthesis, liquid-phase synthesis, distillation.
Glass reactor/Reaction kettle Organic and biosynthetic reactions
Parallel evaporator Distillation of large quantities of samples
Sample Grinding and Pulverizing Instrument For grinding and pulverizing raw materials.
Solid Dosage Disintegration Tester Disintegration of tablets at a set temperature (human body temperature).
Dissolution Meter Dissolution of tablets at a set temperature (human body temperature)
Automatic Dissolution Media Preparation Instrument Specialized dissolution test media preparation.
Friability tester Checker Tablet friability test at a set speed.
Tablet hardness tester Tablet hardness measurement.
Powder Properties Tester Tablet powder flow tester.
Solid Dosage Bio-Equipment (Pilot) Various Drug Blenders Material mixing.
Coating machine Coating of drugs.
Pelletizer Pelletizing.
Granulators (wet and dry) Granulation of drugs.
Tablet press Presses .
Capsule machine Capsule making.
Liquid preparation testing Osmolality Analyzers Quality control of pharmaceuticals, pharmacological studies, osmolality determination of veterinary drugs, etc.
Liquid particle counting Counting and monitoring of suspended particles in liquids (deionized water, injections, eye drops).
Pharmaceutical packaging and materials Sealing performance tester Sealing performance testing of pharmaceutical packaging.
Material testing machine  Physical property testing of pharmaceutical packaging materials.
Thermal cracking For thermal cracking treatment of pharmaceutical packaging materials, analyzing the macromolecular materials in the package materials.
Others Freeze dryer The main process equipment in the process of freeze-drying production, used for removing the water in the products. It can be used for the dehydration and preservation of serum, plasma, vaccine, enzyme, antibiotic, hormone and other Chinese and Western medicines.
Cleanroom related Dust particle counter Measurement of airborne particles.
Plankton Sampler Monitor the total number of bacteria in the air and detect all kinds of bacteria in the air.
Environment-related TOC analyzer (online, offline) Measurement of TOC value of pharmaceutical water and injection; cleaning verification; pharmaceutical plant environmental protection.
Basic equipment Ultra-pure water system Preparing pure water
Reverse osmosis water purifier Ultra-pure water system feed water, can also be used as general laboratory water
Washing and sterilizing machine Automatic washing, sterilizing, drying laboratory glassware (laboratory, industrial grade).
Centrifuge  Separation of samples, sedimentation, etc.
Autoclave sterilizer Sterilization of experimental items.
Water bath/thermostat control system Provide constant temperature for experiments.
Cell crushers Pre-treatment of biological samples.
Heating plates Heating operations.
Magnetic stirrers Routine sample stirring.
Oscillators, small shakers Oscillation of samples.
Ultrasonic cleaner Washing of reagent bottles, etc., extraction of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.
Pipettes Small to large volume pipetting.
Thermostatic homogenizers & template adjusters & suction systems Biological sample processing.
Biological laboratory mechanical homogenizers Maximize homogenization of samples without damaging the activity of the samples.
Biological microscopes For the observation of small substances.
Triple UV Analyzer For checking the quality of fluorescent drugs in pharmaceutical production and research.
  Multi-small flying-spot scanner  Precise quantification for gel electrophoresis, thin-layer plates, etc.
Anemometer Measurement of wind speed.
Digital photometer Measurement of visible light irradiation intensity.
nvironmental parameter tester Measurement of environmental parameters.
Ultraviolet spot detector  In drug production research, can be used to check the quality of fluorescent drugs.

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