Maintenance and precaution for Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.

What is the Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer?
Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer is mainly used for the Kjeldahl method to detect ammonia, protein nitrogen content, phenol, volatile fatty acids, sulfur dioxide, ethanol and other contents in grains, food, feed, water, soil, silt, sediments and chemicals. It has a very good cost performance, only the titration process requires manual operation, and is very suitable for routine testing in laboratories and inspection institutions. It is widely used to analyze the nitrogen content or protein content of food, crops, seeds, soil, fertilizer and other samples.

Maintenance and precaution for kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.
1. Distillation device. After the sample measurement is completed, return to the debugging interface and select the distillation function to start distillation. The distillation will automatically stop after about 7 minutes. Select drain to drain the liquid in the receiving cup to complete the cleaning of the distillation device. The titration device was also cleaned. After cleaning, remove the digestive tube, pour out the waste liquid, and wipe the safety door and drip tray to remove the residual alkali solution during the measurement process.

2. Replacement of standard acid solution. When using standard acid solutions with different concentrations, the residual acid in the titrator of the instrument should be removed. Select the titration function under the debugging interface and titrate for 5-6 minutes. The old acid solution will be replaced by the new acid solution. Drain the standard acid in the receiving cup.

3. Clean regularly. Clean the waste discharge device regularly. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the pipeline will be blocked. Measure 25ml of acetic acid solution and 5ml of water, and use manual distillation for half an hour. The volatilized acetic acid will remove the remaining alkali on the inner wall of the waste device.

4. Things to note. After each replacement of the standard titrating acid or receiving solution, and after the instrument is repaired, the recovery rate of the instrument must be measured. Ammonium sulfate is generally used for recovery analysis to ensure that the recovery rate is within the range of 99.5% to 100.5%, indicating that the instrument is normal and the sample can be measured.

5. Clean the alkali adding pipeline. If the instrument is left unused for a long time, the alkali-adding pipeline is prone to crystallization and blockage, and multiple pipelines are corrosive. After each test, replace the alkali solution in the alkali solution barrel with distilled water, and add alkali repeatedly in the debugging interface to clean the alkali adding pipeline.

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