How to reduce and judge pesticide residues in agricultural products?

How to reduce pesticide residues
Excessive pesticide residues will directly or indirectly affect the quality and yield of agricultural products, and affect human health. As pesticide residues in agricultural products are mainly caused in the process of pesticide use, so prevention can also start from here:

1.Choose high-efficiency, low-residue pesticides.

When a variety of pesticides to choose from a variety of control objects, should be selected to control the object of the best results, low biohazard to humans, animals and the environment, the ecological environment, safety, crop safety and economic benefits of the best varieties.

2.Grasp the key period of use.

Preventive and therapeutic agents should be applied at the beginning of the disease, pure treatment is also applied when the disease is less effective. Preventing and controlling diseases is best applied at the early stage of the disease or in the early stage of the disease, controlling and controlling pests should be controlled when the body is small, when the larvae are concentrated, small body, weak resistance to drugs. Too early to get the desired effect, too late to lead to pesticide residues exceeding the standard.

3.The use of appropriate methods of medication.

In the crop of the upper surface of the hazard, can be used to spray, spray powder method; the soil transmission of pests and diseases, can be used to soil treatment method; through the seedling transmission of pests and diseases, can be used to seedling treatment method; some of the endosorbent agents used to prevent and control of fruit trees and other woody plants pests and diseases, can be used to inject or bandage method; the use of granules can only be used to spread the method.

4.The use of scientific cultivation measures.

Such as the selection of disease-resistant varieties, reasonable crop rotation, cultivate strong seedlings, reasonable dense planting, clean field, reasonable irrigation and fertilization, the use of seed disinfection and soil disinfection to kill germs, the use of light, smell and other physical methods to trap pests. Life if you want to remove pesticide residues in agricultural products, you can add biodegradable enzymes in water, fruits and vegetables soaked and then rinsed with water, or the use of pesticide-degrading enzymes, so that fruits and vegetables off pesticide residues.

How to determine whether the pesticide residue of agricultural products harvested crops exceeds the standard?

The use of pesticide residues provided by Aoda Instruments Rapid Determination of pesticide residues to sample agricultural products for testing, simple, fast and convenient and accurate. Pesticide residue rapid detector is based on agricultural standard methods (NY/T 448-2001) and national standards (GB/T5009.199-2003) in the enzyme inhibition rate method, strict compliance with the "GB/T5009.199-2003 vegetables in the organophosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues in the rapid detection of pesticide residues in the standard" in the provisions of the vegetables in the organophosphorus and carbamate class Pesticide residue rapid detection, pesticide residue rapid detector can be widely used in vegetable testing centers at all levels, farmers markets, supermarkets, environmental protection agencies, vegetable growing bases, restaurants, car and laboratory food safety testing and monitoring places and other units of pesticide residue detection in fruits and vegetables.

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