How to extend the service life of electronic balance?

How to extend the service life of electronic balance?

1, Before weighing, the electronic balance must be cleaned with a soft brush. Then check whether the balance is electronic level, and check and adjust the zero point of the balance.

2, The load of the electronic balance should never exceed the maximum load of the electronic balance.

3, The use of electronic balance shall not make violent vibration. Pick and place objects, add and subtract weights and move the traveler's code should be light. The weights must be taken with tweezers, and it is strictly prohibited to take them by hand to avoid being tarnished. And add one by one, do not add at once.

4, The front door of the electronic balance shall not be opened, it is mainly for loading and unloading, adjustment and maintenance. Weighing process to take and put objects, add alkali weights can only open the left door of the balance and the right door. Weighing objects and weights should be placed in the center of the electronic balance pan to prevent the pan from swinging. Chemical reagents and specimens should not be placed directly on the pan, but must be held in a clean container for weighing. For corrosive gases or hygroscopic substances, must be placed in the weighing bottle or the appropriate closed container weighing.

5, Electronic balance weighing data should be written in a timely manner in the record book, can not be written on a piece of paper or other places.

6, Weighing is complete, prop up the balance, remove the object and weights. Electro-optical balance should restore the index disk, cut off the power supply, close the balance door, and finally cover the dust cover.

7, Weighing objects must be consistent with the temperature in the balance box, shall not put hot or cold objects into the day electronic balance weighing. In order to prevent moisture, in the balance box can be placed in the moisture-absorbing desiccant (such as silica gel, anhydrous calcium chloride, etc.).

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