How to choose the right spectrophotometer?

What is the concept of spectrophotometer?
A spectrophotometer is a device that accurately measures electromagnetic energy at specific wavelengths of light. It uses the properties of light and energy to identify colors and determine the amount of each color in the light.

Aoda instruments tells you how to choose a suitable type. 

(1) Display clear, unambiguous results: With clear color measurement, differences in viewing environments will not affect the colors you use. For example, changes in computer screen settings and lighting can cause colors to look different than expected. Even differences in human perception, such as color blindness and eye strain, can lead to many different color interpretations. With specific measurements, this problem goes away.

(2) Quantify qualitative characteristics: Since color samples are precisely defined, you can measure people's subjective differences in color. "Maroon" may be a completely different color to two different people, but they can't argue with a specific measurement. This improves communication and makes it easier to discuss work.

(3) Maintain consistency: For many applications and brands, consistent color is an important part of success. Automakers need to ensure that every part of a car's body is the same color and that all of its marketing campaigns maintain consistent colors across different media. It has to look the same in print and on screen. Precise measurements can help them achieve this.

(4) Provides incredibly precise measurements: The human eye is very good at noticing color differences. With accurate measurements, you can confidently minimize this problem.

(5) Provide fast operation: Spectrophotometers can collect results in just a few seconds, and some models are designed for large quantities of measurements.

(6) Available in multiple configurations: These tools have different models for different samples and environments, and provide portability, infrared detection, and irregular sample scanning.

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