How to choose a suitable rotor for a centrifuge?

Centrifuge rotor has the following key factors need to be carefully considered when choosing.

First, clarify your experimental needs. Different sample types and separation requirements require rotors with different characteristics.

Secondly, the capacity of the rotor is also an important consideration. Make sure the rotor can accommodate your sample volume to ensure adequate separation.

Furthermore, the material of the rotor directly affects its stability and durability. High-quality materials ensure long-term reliable operation.

In addition, the speed range is another key parameter. Choose a suitable speed range based on your experimental conditions.

Finally, consider rotor compatibility to ensure it will fit perfectly with your centrifuge.

Aoda centrifuge rotors offer the following advantages
1.Diverse types to meet various experimental needs.

2.Precise capacity design to adapt to different sample volumes.

3.Made of high-quality materials for excellent stability and durability.

4.A wide speed range provides more choices.

5.Compatible with a variety of centrifuges for your convenience.

Choosing the appropriate rotor can ensure the best performance of the centrifuge and provide a strong guarantee for the success of your experiment. Let Aoda professional rotors help you in your scientific research!
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