How to choose a suitable centrifuge in a lab or hospital?

Knowledge to centrifuge.
Centrifuge is one of the commonly used general laboratory instruments, widely used in biomedical, experimental research, petrochemical, agriculture, food hygiene and other fields, many laboratories tend to pay attention to the analytical instruments and ignore the basic equipment, but the basic equipment, although the function is simple, but also equally important - the sample treatment of the fine or not, the material dry and wet Whether the sample processing is fine or not, whether the material dry or wet state is up to standard, etc. will affect the experimental results.

The choice of centrifuge needs to consider multiple factors, such as the use of demand, the size of the laboratory, the purchase of the instrument budget, etc., according to the need to buy, in order to meet their own needs, without wasting the centrifuge's function. At the same time, when purchasing centrifuges, in addition to their own needs, should also consider the product's performance, safety, stability, maintainability and so on.

We can choose a right centrifuge based on these aspects.
①Rotation speed
The maximum rotational speed of a centrifuge is the rotational speed under no load, and the maximum rotational speed will vary according to the type of rotor and the size of the sample mass. When the maximum rotational speed of a centrifuge is 10000rpm, it means that its no-load rotational speed is 10000rpm, but after adding samples, the rotational speed will definitely be lower than 10000rpm; and for the maintenance of the equipment, using the maximum rotational speed for a long period of time will cause more damage to the machine.
Therefore, if the target speed is 10000rpm, it is recommended to purchase a centrifuge with a maximum speed higher than 10000rpm.
At the same time in the choice of low, high and ultra-high speed should be noted: high speed should not be done at low speed, if you want to have both high and low speed centrifuge, you can choose a general-purpose centrifuge.

② Temperature
Some samples must be kept in a low-temperature environment in order not to be destroyed, then you must choose a freezing centrifuge in order to protect the safety of the samples and get the desired results. The temperature of the freezing centrifuge will be different for different brands. The freezing centrifuge of Li-Chen Technology adopts imported energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration system, which ensures that the instrument can still keep below 0℃ under higher speed.

Horizontal rotor is generally used in low-speed centrifuges, the sedimentation path is long, and the convection generated during deceleration will cause re-suspension of sediments; Angular rotor: generally used in high-speed centrifuges and microcentrifuges, the sedimentation path is short, and the efficiency is higher than the horizontal rotor when settling particles. If you want the separated samples to be concentrated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube, choose the horizontal rotor; if you want the samples to be concentrated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube and on the sidewalls near the bottom, choose the angular rotor.
There are also some special tests or special samples require special rotors such as: large capacity basket (mostly used in blood stations), enzyme plate rotor, slide rotor, PCR rotor, test tube rack rotor and capillary rotor. The rotors all have fixed specifications, which are combined with the capacity of the centrifuge, such as 36×5 ml corner rotor, which determines both the type of rotor and the capacity of the centrifuge, so the choice of rotor is very important.

Depending on the size of the laboratory, the number of samples to be processed and the target rotational speed, floor-standing, bench-top and mini centrifuges can be selected.

⑤ Others
Safety: The experimental instruments must need to ensure the safety of the equipment during operation. As long as the installation environment meets the specifications and the operation meets the requirements, the safety performance of Li-Chen centrifuges is guaranteed: for example, automatic stop when the lid is opened, automatic power-off when the power supply current exceeds the rated value, automatic stop when the rotational speed exceeds the rated value, and automatic stop when a large amplitude is generated due to the imbalance, and other settings.

Noise: Whether the experimental equipment will occur a large noise is one of the important factors affecting the "happiness index" of the laboratory, Li-Chen centrifuges run stably, low noise, to ensure that the laboratory environment is quiet and comfortable.

Accessories: Some experiments use special centrifuge tubes (centrifugation of toxic samples or samples that require ultra-high-speed centrifugation), such centrifuge tubes must be equipped with the appropriate tube cover, in order to be more secure. There are also some special sample containers (irregular sample bottles, blood bags, etc.), these details and accessories should be considered carefully when choosing a centrifuge, otherwise it will not be able to carry out normal work.

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