Did you know that glass separator extractors have these advantages in their utilization?

Application to glass separator extractor.
Glass separator extractor is a new type of product developed by combining the needs of the field of biopharmaceuticals, its performance is better than other similar products, mainly used for liquid-liquid extraction, can also be used for stirring reaction at room temperature, after the reaction is completed, the kettle material can be released from the bottom of the kettle fully sealed discharge port, the operation is extremely convenient. The whole system is closed, mualti-purpose, it is the ideal pilot and production system equipment for modernization, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, new materials synthesis.

Advantages to glass separator extractor.

1. Special PTFE material design stirring plug, strong corrosion resistance.

2. Variable frequency speed control, deceleration force increasing motor, constant speed, safe and stable, can work continuously.

3. The whole machine has the sealing performance, the negative pressure under static state can reach 0.095MPa.

4. The whole machine has scientific structure, outstanding visualization characteristics and practical novelty.

5. The whole set of glass is made of GG-17 high borosilicate glass, which has excellent chemical and physical properties.

6. Discharging part of the glass flange mouth supporting the design of glass valves, fully transparent visualization, no dead space in the container, removable, easy to discharge solid materials.

7. Reaction, heating, stirring, reflux, distillation and other practical functions of the integrated design, integration of dense, cost-effective.

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