What are the different types of glass reactor?

The glass reactor has single layer type, double-lay type, three-layer type and explosion proof type.

The single-layer glass reactor can put reaction materials inside, and at the same time, it can be vacuumed to do stirring reaction; the external water (oil) bath can add water or heating oil to heat reaction; and it can control the evaporation and reflux of reaction solution, and constant pressure to add materials, etc.

The double-layer glass reactor is designed as double-layer glass, the inner layer can be put into the reaction medium for stirring reaction, and the sandwich layer can be connected with different hot and cold sources (freezing liquid, hot water or hot oil) for circulating heating or cooling reaction. Under the set constant temperature, the glass reactor can be stirred under atmospheric or negative pressure according to the requirements of use, and can do reflux and distillation of the reaction solution. Double-layer glass reactor is widely used, and it is the ideal pilot and production equipment for modern fine chemical  plants, biopharmaceuticals and new material synthesis.

Elevating and rotating three-layer glass reactor is a kind of experimental equipment commonly used in chemical laboratories. It is made of three layers of glass and contains a reaction vessel with a jacket and stirrer. The reactor has the function of lifting and rotating, and the height and rotating speed of the reactor can be adjusted according to the need.

The explosion proof glass reactor has explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof aluminum shell of frequency converter, explosion-proof tube with cable, it is more safer.
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Reactor volume:3L spherical
Stirring power:90W
Heating power:2KW
Stirring speed:0-800rpm/min
Reactor temperature range:-80℃ to +250℃
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Reactor volume:100L spherical
Stirring power:200W,1/3
Heating power:12KW
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Interlayer volume:About 800ml  
Stirring motor power:90W
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Interlayer volume:About 7L
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Interlayer volume:About 18L
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Stirring speed:0-450rpm/min
Temperature range of reactor:-80℃~ +250℃
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Reactor volume:10L 
Interlayer volume:About 8L
Total power:130W
Stirring motor power:90W1/3
Lifting motor power:40W1/12.5
10L Three Layers Glass Reactor
double jacketed reactor
Reactor volume:50L 
Interlayer volume:About 16L
Stirring motor power:EX180W1/3
Stirring speed:0-140rpm/min
Reactor temperature range:-80℃ to +250℃
Explosion Proof Jacketed Glass Reactor
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