How to select a suitable flame photometer in the laboratory?

Usage for a flame photometer.
A quantitative analysis of alkaline metals and alkaline soil metals is commonly used in laboratories by a flame photometer. This is an analytical instrument made by using flame spectrum analysis methods to measure accurate measurement, flexible use, and high reliability.

The way to choose a flame photometer.
Due to the extensive application, the brand and model of flames on the market are very complicated. For newbies for laboratory purchases, it is not easy to choose a reliable flame photometer. Aoda instruments remind you that when comparing the performance of a variety of flame littering products, you can make choices by looking at parameters, operating, and combining your own experimental needs and budget conditions.

1. The appearance and security performance
Each laboratory has multiple different analysis instruments. The space is limited. Choose a flame optical meter with a small area and a small noise. Some flame gauges not only have a beautiful appearance, but also built-in mute air compressors but also can achieve fireout detection and automatic shutdown, saving land and worry.

2. The equipment parameters
The good appearance is the icing on the cake, and the laboratory to buy instruments and equipment depends on the hard indicators. Specific products such as flame optical meters need to pay attention to the following parameters:

(1) Measurement range
The wider the measurement, the better. If you choose a flame optical meter with a small measurement range, to adapt the device to dilute the sample several times, multiple dilutions may cause an error to amplify the effect and affect the measurement accuracy.

(2) Flame stability
The stability of the flame is related to the relationship between the combustion gas and the compressed air, and it is related to the constant whether the gas pressure. Only a high degree of stability can ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of the measurement.

(3) Filter Quality
The quality of the filtrate can reduce the interference of coexistence. Filter filtration should be fixed inside the flame optical meter to avoid frequent replacement of filtrates and reduce the wear of the filter.

(4) Atomization effect
The performance of the atomizer has a significant impact on measurement sensitivity, precision, and chemical interference. A good flame optical meter atomizer spray is stable, the fog is slightly uniform, the sensitivity is high, and the precision is good.

(5) Drift volume
During the detection process, the continuous fluctuations in data will seriously affect the judgment of data reliability. The stable flame light meter must ensure the smaller the drifting amount every 30 minutes.

3. The convenience of operation
In addition to hard parameters, the convenience of instrument operation also affects the experience. In addition to the operation interface and screen display being easy to understand, there are some performances related to the convenience of operation.

(1) Reading method
If the continuous reading method of the flame meter can be read 20 times per second, and the average value of the read data is automatically calculated, the tedious operation and random error of parallel measurement can be eliminated. The automatic concentration read function can achieve the trouble of avoiding the calculation of the regression equation (or drawing work curve) of the experimental personnel, and read the concentration value of the sample solution directly from the flame optical meter.

(2) Type of testing
Some flame optical meters can achieve several ions to detect simultaneously, which saves complicated processes such as replacement filtrates and repeated calibrations that need to be performed alone, which is a great advantage for laboratories with high measurement demand.

(3) Calibration function
The flame optical meter with internal functions can save a lot of time and eliminate the calibration error caused by environmental interference. Single-point calibration function can save the tedious operation of multiple calibrations for a long time; multi-ion standard calibration function can avoid errors caused by different ion calibrations in a non-parallel state.

(4) Report output
The flame optical meter with RS232 and USB interfaces. Through the connection control analysis software, the data, curves, and concentration operations of specified formats can be automatically output, which greatly improves the efficiency of work.

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