Method for determination of fat content in nutritional foods

Method for determination of fat content in nutritional foods.

1.The fat content in nutritional food is an important quality indicator of this type of food, especially the fat content of nutritional food with starch, walnuts, sesame, soybeans and dairy products as the main raw materials is even more important. The main methods for measuring fat content in my country's current food hygiene standard inspection methods include Soxhlet extraction and acid hydrolysis. Among them, Soxhlet extraction is a classic method for measuring fat, which can measure free fat in food; acid hydrolysis method hydrolyzes the sample under acidic conditions to free the separated fat, together with the free fat originally present in the food and a small amount of Fat-soluble components are extracted with ether, and the total fat in food can be determined. The Gottlie-Rossian method is a standard method for determining fat in milk and dairy products. The sample is hydrolyzed under alkaline conditions and the total fat in the sample is measured. The fat analyzer can also be used to measure the fat content of food.

2.After optimizing the experimental conditions, the acid hydrolysis method was compared with the Gottlie-Rossian method. Both methods can relatively completely extract the fat in this type of sample, and the precision meets the requirements. The Gottlie-Rozi method is more time-saving and convenient. When the sample contains impurities such as pigments, it is measured using the Gothry-Violet method. The pigments and other impurities remain in the lower layer of the solution and do not interfere with the measurement; when measured using the acid hydrolysis method, the pigments and other impurities in the sample are also extracted into the organic solvent. , the fat measured is crude fat, so sometimes the measurement results will be higher than the Gottlie-Ross method. The measurement results of the fat analyzer are becoming more and more advantageous and accurate.

In summary, after comparing the three methods for measuring fat in nutritious foods such as fat analyzers, it is believed that the improved acid hydrolysis method and the Gothic-Ross method can meet the measurement requirements, and the Gothic-Ross method is more accurate. It is accurate, convenient and suitable for the determination of fat in nutritious foods. 

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