FAQ to Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.

FAQ to Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer.

1.Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer tumbles violently during distillation, will it pose a danger to the operator?

A: Generally not, Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer tumbles violently during distillation, is a large amount of water vapor into the digestive tube liquid tumbles, is not caused by violent reaction; and the instrument has an overpressure protection device, can keep the pipeline inside atmospheric pressure, to avoid danger.

2.Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer work on the water quality requirements?

A: Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer distilled water barrel to be filled with distilled water or pure water, the machine is not used for a long time to the distiller to release the water.

3.Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer no sound on what is going on?

A: Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer no sound, if the machine power switch within the red light, indicating that the nitrogen analyzer fuse burned off, the fuse location in the machine near the power switch interface 5 centimeters inside the black shell.

4. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer does not add water in the distiller after power on how to solve?

A: After half a minute to check whether the distilled water bucket leakage, can be gas filled drum is normal; check the distilled water bucket water level is more than one-third, not enough to make up; check the location of the distilled water bucket, lower than the placement of the instrument's table, the pressure is insufficient to add water; check the distilled water bucket into the air, into the liquid pipe is connected to the wrong connection, connected to the wrong barrel will produce bubbles and make a sound; check the drain valve, should be closed.

5.Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer steamer does not heat, can not produce steam, why?

A: If the machine can normally add alkali, can not be heated out of steam, determine the heating wire may be burned out, you can take a multimeter to measure the heating wire positive and negative poles, do not determine the heating wire is damaged, replace the new heating wire.
If the machine can not normally add alkali, no sound after the boot, judgment is a blown fuse, fuse position inside the machine near the power switch interface 5 centimeters in the black shell.

6. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer working sound, is it normal?

A: This is a normal phenomenon, this is the sound of the machine's internal air pump work.

7. Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer can not add alkali, alkali no sound, why?

A: Check whether the alkali drum leakage, the machine can work normally only by the gas drum; instrument use time is too long, the alkali tube will produce internal crystallization, resulting in the addition of liquid flow rate is reduced, there is no sound.

8.When the nitrogen analyzer is working, the gas similar to smoke comes out from the top, what's the matter?

A: Check whether the tap of cooling water inlet is open, the cooling water is closed or the amount of water is small, which will lead to the vapor out of the digestion tube can not be condensed, and the water vapor coming out of the machine looks similar to smoke.

9.How to solve the problem that the digestion tube is full of water when the nitrogen analyzer is in use?

A: The use of nitrogen determining instrument occurs in the digestion tube into the full of water, is due to the machine control water level device conductivity reduced caused by the solution: open the water level device to remove the probe with sandpaper sanding, to remove the oxidized layer; in the barrel of distilled water to add 3-5 grams of laboratory sodium chloride, shaking well to dissolve.

10. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer use occurs in the distiller, water level into the full of water, boric acid absorption solution container into the water, how to solve?

A: It is caused by the reduced conductivity of the machine-controlled water leveler. Solution: open the water leveler and take out the probe with sandpaper to polish and remove the oxidized layer; add 3-5 grams of laboratory sodium chloride in the distilled water bucket and shake well to dissolve.

11. Kjeldahl Nitrogen analyzer use in the digestion tube in the white tube occurs backward suction, how to solve?

Answer: The instrument stops working (the distiller stops heating), the gas valve fails to close in time, it will produce the phenomenon of backsorption, you can tie some small holes in the white tube. The valve is damaged and can not be closed, it will also be sucked back.

12.Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer work every 3-5 seconds will sound, is it normal?

A: This sound is a normal phenomenon, the instrument is working, the distiller will continue to heat the water vapor and consume water, the instrument will automatically open the water valve to replenish water, the sound is the sound of the water valve is open, close the sound, is a normal phenomenon.

13. The automatic working state can not continue to work, suddenly stop?

A: This is due to the surrounding electric field interference with the computer, press the reset button or shut down and then reboot can be.

13.The measured value is not stable or too high?

A: May be the steam generator is not clean, the steam generator will be emptied of water, replace the new water and then measured. Or too much liquid in the decoction tube, there is alkali rushed to the distillation system, then you can empty the distillation system and then make measurements.

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