How to distinguish between double beam and single beam?

1. Double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer analyzes samples by passing two beams of light, one through the sample and the other through the reference solution. This method can overcome the influence of light source instability, interference factors of certain impurities, etc., and can also detect changes in samples over time. Therefore, the double beam device can stably measure even if the light source intensity and the sensitivity of the detector change.

2. Single beam spectrophotometer is a beam of light that passes through a monochromator and passes through the reference solution and the sample solution alternately to measure the light intensity. The characteristics of this spectrophotometer are: simple structure, low price, mainly suitable for quantitative analysis, the disadvantage is that the measurement results are greatly affected by the fluctuation of the power supply, which is easy to bring large errors to the quantitative results. In addition, this instrument is cumbersome to operate and is not suitable for qualitative analysis.

Double beam UV-visible spectrophotometer is widely used in modern analysis and testing to detect the composition of substances in solutions and the concentration of certain substances in them. From bacterial culture, drug identification and nucleic acid purity detection and quantification, to quality control and chemical research in the beverage industry, it is widely used in many scientific fields.
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