Why need a dissolution tester when the laboratory has a disintegration tester?

Understand the process of drug absorption in the body.
1. The human body in the absorption of solid preparations of drugs before, must go through disintegration and dissolution and then turned into a solution process, dissolution fast and slow to determine the speed of drug absorption in vivo, if the drug is not easy to release from the preparation or the dissolution of the drug is extremely slow, it is possible to make the preparation of drugs in the absorption of the speed or degree of impact.

2. In addition, certain drugs with drastic pharmacological effects, small safety index, and rapid absorption may produce obvious adverse reactions if they are dissolved too fast, and the time to maintain the drug effect will be shortened, in which case the dissolution rate of the drug in the preparation should be controlled.

The important reason for having a disintegration tester also needs a dissolution tester.
1. Relying on the disintegration time check as all tablets and capsules in vivo absorption of the evaluation standard not, because the drug dissolved through the disintegrator screen particle size is often between 1.6-2.0mm, and the drug needs to be in solution to be absorbed by the body, the particle size to A to calculate, so disintegration is only the initial stage of the dissolution of the drug, and the back of the process of continuing to dispersion and solvency.

2. The disintegration time check is can not be controlled, and the disintegration of solid preparations are also subject to prescription design, preparation, storage process and the body of many complex factors, so the disintegration time check can not objectively reflect the relationship between the drug and excipient and the impact of the dissolution of the degree of checking includes disintegration and dissolution process, so the study of the degree of dissolution has a more important significance. This is the laboratory has a disintegration meter also need to dissolution meter important reason.

                                   Dissolution tester

                                   Disintegration tester

Summary of dissolution.
1. From the point of view of drug testing, dissolution refers to the speed and degree of dissolution of drugs from solid preparations such as tablets or capsules in a specified solvent.

2. Most of the oral solid preparations in the administration of drugs must be absorbed into the blood circulation, to achieve a certain blood concentration before the effect, so that the drug is released from the preparation and dissolved in body fluids is the prerequisite for being absorbed, this process is called dissolution in biopharmacy, and the dissolution rate and degree of dissolution are called dissolution degree.

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