The main development trend and direction of modern analytical instruments in a laboratory.

Background of analytical instruments.
In the past 10 years, due to the nanoscale precision machinery research results, molecular level modernization research results, genetic level biological research results, special functional materials research results and global network technology to promote the application of the results of a large number of the latest contemporary technological achievements competing for the global field of scientific instrumentation has undergone a fundamental change.

1, The development direction of analytical instrument.

At present, the international development of scientific instruments in general presents the following trends:
1) detection of atoms, molecules and components of the instrument to the multi-functional, intelligent, networked direction;.

2)Instruments for separation and analysis develop in the direction of multi-dimensional separation and analysis; and

3) Life science instruments to in situ, in vivo, real-time, online, high sensitivity, high throughput, high selectivity direction.

4) The detection of complex component samples to the direction of the development of joint analytical instruments.

5) For the environment, energy, agriculture, food, clinical testing instruments to the special, miniaturized direction of development.

6) Sample pre-treatment instruments to the specialized, rapid, automated direction of development.

7) Instruments for national defense and life sciences to the integrated, miniature full-analysis system in the direction of development.

8) monitor the industrial production process of analytical instruments to miniaturization, online analysis, in situ analysis direction.

2, The development trend of analytical instruments.

Micro, trace, rapid, specialized, online testing is currently the main direction of the international development of analytical instruments or development trend:

Micro: Application needs; portable, occupying a small place.

Trace: Application needs; rabbit ear nest 2 microliters of liquid requirements for a method of research; and

Rapid: Application needs; CDC emergency, food poisoning, vehicle, network laboratory.

Specialized: Application needs; assembly line, environmental protection, food.

Online: The need for automated instrument development; especially water quality testing, the annual market of 1 billion RMB.

Because the instruments developed are for the user, so the needs of analytical workers are: micro, micro, fast, dedicated, online; so, the direction of development of analytical instruments is also micro, trace, fast, dedicated, online.

These directions or trends, is one of the modern analytical instrument research and development workers should pay attention to.

Scientific instruments is a high-tech products, it benefits from the adoption of a variety of cutting-edge technology of the latest achievements, but also face a variety of cutting-edge technology is constantly innovating and developing challenges. It can be predicted that with the development of information science, life science, material science, energy science, marine science, space science, environmental science, livelihood science and public safety science, as well as the continuous emergence of new technologies, scientific instrumentation will be in the miniature, micro-, rapid, specialized, online and so on, will continue to innovate and develop.

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