Micro spectrophotometer compared with normal spectrophotometer

Differences and Advantages:
Micro spectrophotometer Normal spectrophotometer
Large sample volume required, most of which require more than 50μL. Small sample volume required, only 1~2μL.
Need a cuvette. No cuvette is required, use a pipette to directly drop the sample onto the detection platform, and the sample will automatically form a liquid column during measurement
very time you change the sample, the cuvette needs to be cleaned, which is a lot of work. Just use clean absorbent paper to wipe the sample off the detection platform.
The optical path is generally 10mm, the sample needs to be diluted, and the measurement concentration range is small. It has two optical paths of 1mm and 0.2mm (adjusted by the solenoid valve), the sample does not need to be diluted, and the measurement range can reach 50 times that of a conventional spectrophotometer.
The light source is generally composed of a deuterium lamp (ultraviolet) and a tungsten lamp (visible) with a short life. Xenon flash lamp is a light source with a long life and stable performance.
It needs to be preheated for more than half an hour. No need for preheating, can be tested at any time.
Displays absorbance value. Displays absorbance value, concentration value (nucleic acid, protein and fluorescent dye)
The main is large and heavy. Small size, light weight.

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