Common physical testing instruments in physics laboratories.

Common physical testing instruments in physics laboratories.
Classification Physical testing instrument Application area
Measuring instruments Ammeter, voltmeter, resistance box, sliding rheostat, electric energy meter, etc. Measure physical quantities such as current, voltage, resistance, etc. in a circuit.
Thermal instruments Constant temperature bath, beaker, test tube, alcohol lamp, evaporating dish, iron stand,
asbestos mesh, thermometer, thin wire, etc.
Perform thermal experiments such as heating, cooling, boiling, etc.
Optical instruments Spectrophotometer, lenses, spherical mirrors, plane mirrors, candles, matches, optical
benches, optical boxes, optical microscopes, telescopes, slide projectors, projectors, cameras, etc.
Observe phenomena such as the propagation, refraction, and reflection of light, as well as to observe small objects or distant objects.
Mechanical instruments Length measurement (such as enameled wire, pencil rod, etc.), time measurement
(such as stopwatch), quality measurement (such as balance, weights, cylinder set, etc.),
force measuring instruments (such as dynamometer, spring, etc.) Can be divided into
general groups), liquid pressure (such as micro pressure gauges, 1000ml and other specifications beakers, U-shaped tubes, connectors) and buoyancy (such as Archimedes' law grouped instruments), balances, measuring cylinders, scales, vernier calipers, spirals Micrometer etc.
Measure physical quantities such as the mass, volume, and length of objects, as well as perform mechanical experiments such as gravity, friction, etc.
Electrical instruments Ammeters, voltmeters, small lamp holders, sliding rheostat, fixed value resistor, resistance box, wires, wire strippers and other corresponding tools. Perform electrical experiments, such as connecting circuits, measuring voltage and current, etc.
Acoustic instruments Tuning forks, resonance boxes, rubber hammers, etc. Study acoustic phenomena such as the production and propagation of sound.
Vacuum instruments Vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers, vacuum testing equipment, etc. Vacuum technology experiments in fields such as optoelectronics and atomic physics.
Accelerator instruments High-energy particle physics experiments, such as particle accelerators, detectors, etc. Study microscopic particle structure and interactions.
Magnetism experimental instruments Superconducting magnets, Hall effect measuring instruments, magnetic material testing equipment, etc. Study magnetism and magnetic field effects, among other things.
Material experimental instruments Material preparation equipment (such as vacuum coating machine, sputtering machine), material analysis equipment (such as X-ray diffractometer, scanning electron microscope), etc. Study the structure and properties of materials
Other instruments Stopwatch, magnifying glass, telescope, etc. Measure time, magnify objects, etc.

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