Classification for autoclave.

Classification of pressure steam sterilizers.
(1) Portable pressure steam sterilizer: 18L/24L (mainly used in: township health centers, personal clinics, and outpatient clinics with small volume)

(2) Desktop pressure steam sterilizer: 20L/24L/35L/50L (mainly used in: dental department, ophthalmology, operating room, supply room, dialysis room, delivery room and other medical and health departments)

(3) Vertical pressure steam sterilizer: 35L/50L/75L/100L/120L/150L, divided into handwheel type and flip-top type, with optional drying and printing functions. (Mainly used in: hospital laboratory departments, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, CDC, etc.)

(4) Horizontal pressure steam sterilizer: 150L/200L/280L/400L/500L (mainly used in hospital disinfection supply rooms, food industry, and industrial sterilization)

Requirements for sterilized items.
1. The sterilization bag placed should not be too large or too tight, otherwise it will affect the sterilization effect. Sufficient space should be left to facilitate the circulation of steam and the drying of sterilized items.

2. Containers containing sterilized items must not be sealed. If you are only sterilizing beakers, flasks, test tubes and other containers themselves, place them with their openings facing downwards or horizontally. Otherwise, insufficient sterilization will result.

3. Be careful not to let the items to be sterilized block the holes and temperature sensors in the sterilizer, otherwise the control system will fail and the sterilization will be insufficient.

4. Items that cannot be sterilized with high-pressure steam sterilizers include (1) explosive substances (2) flammable substances (3) oxidants (4) flammable substances (5) flammable gases

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