How to operate the chlorophyll meter correctly?

Why do you need a chlorophyll meter?
The chlorophyll meter can measure the chlorophyll content of leaves. In agricultural production, diagnosis and fertilization management are often based on the color changes of leaves. The chlorophyll content plays a certain supporting role in studying plant physiological changes. At the same time, the chlorophyll content also has a certain relationship with the photosynthetic rate. relation. 

In agricultural production, relying only on the naked eye or planting experience to judge the growth of crops has certain errors in judging crop yields. With the development of modern agricultural science and technology, facility agriculture is also constantly developing. The introduction of testing instruments has helped agricultural production become One of the major development trends in modern agriculture including the chlorophyll meter we are talking about.

Chlorophyll meter is very important in agricultural production.
The chlorophyll meter plays a very important role in agricultural production. It can help determine the chlorophyll content of plant leaves and take timely adjustment measures to improve crop yields. On the other hand, it can also have a certain understanding of the nitrogen content of crops, which is convenient. Production personnel carry out scientific fertilization to avoid polluting the environment. The chlorophyll meter can be taken to the field for testing to achieve non-destructive measurement without damaging the growth of crops, which is very practical.

Performance characteristics of the chlorophyll meter.
The chlorophyll meter is a special instrument used for rapid analysis of plants. It is fully automatic and can automatically calculate, calibrate, and automatically print. The large-screen Chinese LCD is fast to operate and easy to use. The built-in printer can print test data in time for easy analysis. It can store test data, create files for users, and provide prescription guidance. Low ability to test multiple samples consecutively. It can test various crops, plants, vegetables, fruits, and teas.

How to use the chlorophyll meter?
1. Clamp the measuring head of the instrument on both ends of the blade and press the measuring head.
2. During the calibration process, the measuring head does not clamp the sample, the two LEDs emit light sequentially, the received light is converted into an electrical signal, and the ratio of the light intensity is used for calculation.
3. After clamping the sample, the two LEDs emit light again. The light transmitted through the blades hits the receiver and is converted into an electrical signal. The intensity ratio of the transmitted light is calculated.
4. Combined with the calculation of the measured values, the chlorophyll meter can analyze the chlorophyll content of the measured leaves.

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