Precautions for the use of carbon dioxide incubator

What is a CO2 incubator?
A carbon dioxide incubator is a device for in vitro cultivation of cells/tissues by simulating the formation of a growth environment similar to that of cells/tissues in a living organism inside an incubator chamber, which requires a stable temperature (37°C), a stable level of CO2 (5%), a constant acidity/alkalinity (pH:7.2-7.4), and a high relative saturated humidity (95%).

Precautions for the use of carbon dioxide incubator.

1, Carbon dioxide incubator can not open the power switch before filling water, otherwise it will damage the heating element.

2、After several months of incubator operation, the water in the tank may be reduced due to volatilization, and should be supplemented with water when the low water indicator light is on. First open the overflow pipe, use the funnel to connect the rubber tube from the water filling hole to supplement the water to make the low water level indicator light off, and then measure the supplemental water, and then plug the overflow hole.

3, Carbon dioxide incubator can be used as a high-precision constant temperature incubator, this time to close the CO2 control system.

4、Because the CO2 sensor is calibrated under saturated humidity, so the humidifying tray must be equipped with sterilized water at all times.

5, When the display temperature exceeds the set temperature 1 ℃, the over-temperature alarm indicator light, and issued a sharp alarm sound, then the power should be turned off for 30 minutes; if the power switch is still open over-temperature, the power should be turned off and reported to the maintenance personnel.

6, Cylinder pressure below 0.2MPa should be replaced when the cylinder.

7、Minimize the time to open the glass door.

8, If the carbon dioxide incubator is not used for a long time, before closing, you must remove the moisture in the working chamber, open the glass door to ventilate for 24 hours before closing.

9, When cleaning the carbon dioxide incubator studio, do not collide with the sensor and stirring motor wind wheel and other components.

10、Dismantle the shield of the bracket inside the working chamber, must use the random special wrench, do not use excessive force.

11, The handling of the incubator must be excluded before the water in the box. Drainage, the rubber tube tightly set in the water outlet hole, so that the mouth below the instrument, gently suck a mouthful, put down the pipe, the water is siphoned out.

12, The handling of carbon dioxide incubator should be taken out before the work chamber shelves and humidification tray, to prevent collision damage to the glass door.

13, When handling the incubator can not be inverted, and at the same time must not lift the door to avoid damage to the door.

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