Bioreactors have more practical than fermenter.

Bioreactors have more practical than fermenter.

In today's rapidly developing field of biotechnology, bioreactor, as a revolutionary biological experimental device, is leading the development of a new era of biological fermentation with its unique charm. Compared with traditional fermentation tanks, bioreactors not only have differences in structural design and principles, but also show amazing diversity and cutting-edge application fields.
What is the difference between a bioreactor and a fermenter?
First of all, a bioreactor is a device that implements biocatalytic reactions, and its goal is to satisfy cell proliferation and efficiently synthesize target products. It can design reactors, heat transfer equipment, control systems and other parts according to needs, providing an ideal growth environment for the cultivation of various cell types such as microorganisms, animals, plants, etc., thereby achieving an efficient and controllable biological reaction process. Generally used in production engineering fields.

The traditional fermentation tank is relatively simple and is mainly used for the growth and metabolism of simple microbial flora. The traditional design is basically based on the tank, and is more used in food, beverage and other fields. Therefore, bioreactors are playing an irreplaceable role in the development of the field of bioengineering.

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