What is an automatic potential titrator in titration?

Performance characteristics to automatic potential titrator
In addition to Potentiometric titration, including acid-base titration, Redox titration, precipitation titration, Complexometric titration and non-aqueous titration, the automatic potentiometric titrator can also conduct constant pH measurement. By selecting options, titration analysis methods such as photometric titration, polarization titration, volumetric Karl Fischer titration, and surfactant titration can be performed. When an automatic titrator is used online with a fully automatic multi sample converter, it can not only efficiently achieve automated measurement of a large number of samples, but also improve the repeatability, reliability, simple operation, and save time and effort of analysis. Suitable for quality control, inspection, analysis, research, development, and other aspects.

Application fields to automatic potential titrator
Petroleum products, pharmaceutical and drug testing, food inspection, power energy, oils/detergents, water quality analysis, electronics/electroplating solutions, plastics/resins, academic research, etc.

The automatic titrator is a laboratory titration instrument with high analytical accuracy, with comprehensive and powerful functions, which can be applied in fields such as food, drug testing, disease control, inspection, commercial inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, ocean, electricity, environmental protection, new energy, teaching, scientific research, etc. The instrument adopts a modular design and consists of three parts: a volumetric titration device, a control device, and a measurement device. The instrument has functions such as pre titration, preset endpoint titration, blank titration, and manual titration, which can generate dedicated titration modes on its own, expanding the scope of use of the instrument.

Summary to use of automatic potential titrator
Titrate the reagent solution with known accurate concentration (i.e. Standard solution) from the Burette to the solution of the predicted substance until the added reagent and the predicted substance are reflected quantitatively by stoichiometry. Calculate the content of the predicted substance from the concentration and consumption volume.

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