Application of Plant Chlorophyll meter

Application of Plant chlorophyll meter

The role plays of Chlorophyll content during plant growth
Chlorophyll plays an import role in the plant growth,the content of chlorophyll effect plant production directly. So,we can know the plant health condition through plant chlorophyll content detection. When pathogens infect plants, they can often interact with chloroplasts, resulting in chloroplast solutions.serious disease or even chlorophyll synthesis is hindered, and symptoms such as leaf fading, yellowing, or mosaic leaves appear. Therefore, the level of chlorine content often objectively reflects the strength of plant disease resistance.

The determination of chlorophyll content is not only to reflect the disease resistance of plants, but we can also use it to guide fertilization, because the chlorophyll content of plants has a direct relationship with the nitrogen content.
If the chlorophyll content is little,it proves the nitrogen content in leaf is little,then user need to fertilize Nitrogen fertilizer; On the other side,if the chlorophyll content is high,we need to reduce the nitrogen fertilization,improve the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer,protect planting environment.

So,the chlorophyll content place an important role during plant growth. Although there are many methods to test chlorophyll content,however,the simple and easy operation one is the portable plant chlorophyll meter.

The work principle of Plant chlorophyll meter
Two LED light sources emit two kinds of light, one is Red light (650nm), one is infrared light (940nm), two kinds of light pleasing blades, hit the receiver, light signals are converted into analog signals, analog signals are amplified by amplifiers, converted from analog/digital converters to digital
signal, digital signal processed by microprocessor Calculates SPAD value and displays it on LCD screen. 

Traditional measurement of testing chlorophyll cords is carried out on the basis of destroying plants, and there is low efficiency, measuring step .cumbersome, high requirements for the tester are insufficient, and the chlorophyll cable tester is simple to operate, fast detection speed and fine
degree, time and labor saving, cost saving, easy to carry and other characteristics, do not destroy plants, safety complete determination of plant chlorophyll content, convenient to carry out to test chlorophyll at any time,bring much more convenient for farmer and plant research people.
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