The application of molecular distillation technology makes the aroma of essential oils purer.

Application of molecular distillation in essential oil purification.
When we smell the fragrant aroma released by a bottle of essential oil, have you ever wondered how essential oil obtains such a pure and rich aroma? Behind this aroma lies a key process - molecular distillation. It is a key step in making essential oils and determines the purity and quality of the aroma.

Principles of molecular distillation.

Molecular distillation is a technology that uses the difference in boiling points of substances to achieve separation. When making essential oils, this technique effectively extracts aroma components from raw materials while removing impurities. Specifically, molecular distillation separates the aroma components in essential oils from other compounds through a process of heating and cooling.

Essential oil purification process.
- Add plant material: Place the processed and prepared plant material into the essential oil machine.

- Heating water or other solvent: Add the solvent so that it evaporates and removes the aroma molecules from the plant material.

- Cooling steam: The steam passes through the condenser and becomes liquid after cooling.

- Separation and collection: The distilled liquid essential oil will separate from the water. Since the essential oil is lighter than water, it will float on the surface of the water. Then, use a collector to collect the crude essential oil.

- Refining and purification: The crude essential oil contains impurities or other components and requires a thin film evaporator to desolvate, and then short-range molecular distillation to purify the desolvated essential oil.

Advantages of molecular distillation purification.
·Extract pure
Since molecular distillation separates aroma components based on the boiling point of the substance, pure aroma components can be extracted from the raw materials. This means that the resulting essential oil not only has a purer aroma, but is also of higher quality.

·Remove impurities
Molecular distillation can remove impurities from raw materials, making essential oils more pure. This ensures that the use of essential oils will not have a negative impact on the body, allowing you to enjoy the intoxication of the aroma with greater peace of mind.

·Retain active ingredients
Due to the relatively low temperature of molecular distillation, the active ingredients are preserved. These active ingredients have rich effects, such as soothing and relaxing, improving sleep, etc., allowing you to enjoy the fragrance while also getting physical and mental satisfaction.

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