Aoda tells you how to choose a right rotary evaporator.

Aoda tells you how to choose a right rotary evaporators.

Rotary evaporator is a kind of equipment widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. Its main function is to convert liquid substances into gaseous state, thereby achieving separation and concentration. Choosing an easy-to-use instrument can improve production efficiency, save energy, and reduce costs.

1. Product performance. Different models of rotary evaporators differ in design, which will affect their actual performance and scope of application. Therefore, the required product performance indicators, such as maximum capacity, maximum concentration, processing temperature, operating pressure, etc., need to be determined based on actual needs when selecting. These indicators are usually given in the product manual, and you need to compare and filter according to your actual needs when choosing.

2. Equipment quality.
This product is a mechanical device and has certain durability requirements. Therefore, the quality and reliability of the equipment need to be evaluated when selecting. The quality of equipment directly affects the service life and stability of the equipment. Generally, the quality of the equipment can be evaluated by checking the manufacturer's reputation of the equipment, inspecting the manufacturing process and materials of the equipment, and considering the maintenance of the equipment.

3. Security.
Some dangerous situations may occur during use, such as high temperature, high pressure, chemical reactions, etc. Therefore, the safety performance of the equipment, including explosion-proof performance, ease of operation, automatic control system, emergency shutdown device, etc., needs to be considered when selecting. These measures can effectively reduce the probability of accidents and ensure the safe operation of equipment.

4. Price.
Its price ranges from a few thousand yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. Different models and configurations of equipment have different prices. When choosing, you need to make a reasonable allocation based on actual budget and efficiency considerations to achieve a better return on investment.

In short, choosing a useful rotary evaporator requires comprehensive consideration of product performance, equipment quality, safety and price, etc., and making a choice based on your actual needs.

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