Leaf area meter

The relationship between Leaf area and Plant growth
Leaf area meter is an instrument which used to test indexed of plant,for example,leaf length,width,thickness,perimeter,ratio of length and width,area,average area. It is an ideal tool for farmer or plant physiologist to monitor the plant growth.

Relationship between leaf area and plant productivity
Proper leaf area improves the photosynthetic efficiency of plants, resulting in higher yields. The photosynthesis of plants mainly relies on the leaves to absorb light energy and convert it into chemical energy. Therefore, an increase in leaf area can improve light energy absorption and photosynthesis efficiency. In addition, appropriately increasing leaf area can increase plant respiration, promote nutrient absorption, metabolism and increase yield. At the same time, it should be noted that the size of the leaf area should be compatible with the growth status of the plant. Too large or too small may affect the yield. Excessively large leaf area will lead to a waste of nutrients and water, while too small leaf area will limit photosynthesis and nutrient absorption, leading to poor growth and reduced yield.

Types of leaf area meters
Our leaf area meters are available in handheld and smart scanning models.
The handheld leaf area meter can instantly measure the area, circumference, length, width, aspect ratio, and shape factor of leaves. It can measure both detached and non-detached leaves. It is easy to operate and easy to carry, and can be widely used. Leaf growth analysis and other fields in agriculture, forestry, horticulture and breeding work!
The photographic leaf area measuring instrument consists of a high-definition camera, a backlight device and PC software. It obtains plant leaf images through photography and then analyzes the plant leaf area through the PC software. In addition to generating leaf morphological parameters, it also generates disease spots. , Insect damage parameters, including residual leaf analysis and leaf color analysis.

Data storage
Comes with 128G memory card, which can store a large number of pictures and data
Data can be stored, reports can be viewed, and Excel tables can be exported to a computer or uploaded to a server via WiFi

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