Effect of temperature control of the centrifuge on DNA

High temperature causes denaturation inactivation of DNA, that is, DNA double-stranded unstranded becomes single-stranded, but will return to double-stranded mode when the temperature drops.
DNA undergoes natural degradation in solution, especially dilute solutions of water. The rate of degradation is not very temperature dependent, but repeated freezing and thawing will accelerate DNA breakage and degradation.
In addition to its pivotal role in forensic identification, DNA extraction is also widely used in molecular biology fields such as genetic engineering and protein engineering, and sample separation experiments are inseparable from the performance specifications and proper use of the centrifuge, such as speed setting, centrifugation time, placement, etc. The most critical and easily ignored is the temperature control of the sample.
Experiments that require strict temperature control basically require that the sample be kept at a low temperature, and therefore require pre-cooling, temperature calibration and monitoring of temperature fluctuations before using a centrifuge with freezing capabilities.
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