2023 New Year's Day

2023 New Year's Day 

New Year's Day is one of the public holidays in China and people usually have 3 days off. Although it's not a traditional festival in China, most malls are decorated during this holiday and the shops launch sales promotions.

And Aoda company will have 3 days from December 31, 2022 to January 2, 2023, and will be on duty on January 3,2023.

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potentiometric automatic titrator
Accuracy:10ml Burette: ±0.025ml, 20ml Burette:±0.035ml
Ti-40 Automatic Potential Titrator
glass filter reactor
Reactor volume: 100L spherical shape
Heating power:8kw
Stirring motor power:EX370W
Stirring speed:0-140rpm/min
Reactor temperature range:-80℃ to +250℃
Explosion Proof Single Layer Glass Reactor
rotovap vacuum
Rotary flask volume:50L
Rotary speed:0-120rpm/min
Rotary motor power:180W
50L Manual Lifting Rotary Evaporator
atomic absorption machine
Wavelength range:190 – 900nm
Spectral bandwidth:0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.7nm, 1.4nm, 2.4nm, 5.0nm
Wavelength Accuracy:±0.5nm
AA320N Double Beam Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
push pull force meter
The max. load value:2N-1000N
The sensor:Sensor inside
Digital Display Push Pull Force Gauge
kjeldahl protein analyzer
Working mode: semi-automatic
Determination range: 0.1mgN~200mgN 
Recovery rate: ≥ 99%
KDN Semi Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
soil npk tester
Range and resolution: 0.001 ~ 9999
Linear error: <0.003
Repeatability error: < 0.005
Soil And Fertilizer Nutrient Quick Tester
First tier manufacturer of precise equipment for  Laboratories
Aoda Instrument Equipment is the first tier manufacturer of precise equipment for  Laboratories, Scientific research institutions and colleges, Medical,Environmental protection agencies,Petrochemical industry etc.
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