2023 May Day Holiday Notice

May Day is coming, according to the national holiday holiday regulations, our company May Day holiday notice is as follows:
Holiday time: 2023.4.29-2023.5.3
Labor is the source of happiness and labor is the driving force of success.
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rotary evaporator distillation alcohol
Rotary flask volume:1L
Rotary speed:0-200rpm/min
Lifting motor power:20W
Lifting stroke:120mm
1L LCD Screen Electric Rotary Evaporator(Rotary&Lifting Motor)
laboratory mill
Dry/Wet grinding method
Work position:2~4 
Vertical Square Planetary Ball Mill
vacuum suction filtration
Glass material:GG-17
Collection bottle volume:Sphere 10L
Funnel size (mm*mm):350*220mm
10L Vacuum Suction Filter
Tabletop pH Ion Meter
Test parameter:pH/ISE/Temp.(mV/pX) 
Automatic temperature compensation
1-5points calibration
I400F Benchtop pH Ion Meter
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Aoda Instrument Equipment is the first tier manufacturer of precise equipment for  Laboratories, Scientific research institutions and colleges, Medical,Environmental protection agencies,Petrochemical industry etc.
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Reliabe And Performance
Reliabe And Performance
Reliabe And Performance
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