Aoda company : A trip to Chaya Mountain.

Aoda company has a trip to Chaya Mountain last weekend.

Mount Chaya, also known as Chaya Mountain, is belongs to the remaining veins on the eastern edge of Funiu Mountain, geological feature, scenic spot and tourist attraction in Zhumadian, Henan. It is one of the AAAAA Tourist Attractions of China, a list of the most important and best-maintained tourist attractions in the People's Republic of China.

Mount Chaya is a granitic formation, composed of Yanshanian granite (formed 140 million to 120 mya). This granite displays interesting geomorphological features. It was designated a Geopark in 2004.

Mount Chaya was a filming location for CCTV's 1986 adaptation of Journey to the West. In 1654 AD, Wu Chengen, a talented man from Huai'an, opened the long-awaited artistic floodgates and created the eternal masterpiece "Journey to the West".

Chaya Mountain Scenic Area has a long history and dazzling human resources. It is a rich and colorful part of the Central Plains culture, showing the majestic and gloomy or bright and beautiful hometown of Henan.

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