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jacketed glass reactor
Reactor volume:100L 
Interlayer volume:About 18L
Stirring motor power:250W 1/3
Stirring speed:0-450rpm/min
Temperature range of reactor:-80℃~ +250℃
100L Jacketed Glass Reactor
rotovap for sale
Rotary flask volume:1L-100L
Rotary speed:0-120rpm/min
Lifting motor power:30W-6500W
Lifting stroke:215mm
Rotary Evaporator
atomic absorption machine
Wavelength range:190 – 900nm
Spectral bandwidth:0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.7nm, 1.4nm, 2.4nm, 5.0nm
Wavelength Accuracy:±0.5nm
AA320N Double Beam Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
protein tester nir machine
Analysis time:<10s
Wavelength repeatability:<0.01nm
Wavelength accuracy:<0.1nm 
NIR Feed Analyzer
auto titrator
Accuracy:10ml Burette: ±0.025ml, 20ml Burette:±0.035ml
Touchscreen Automatic Potential Titrator
fully automatic kjeldahl analyser
Measurement range: 0.1mg~240mg nitrogen
Measurement speed: 3-8 minutes
Recovery rate: ≥ 99.5%
AK9870 Fully Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer
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Zhengzhou Cialan Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd is the first tier manufacturer of precise equipment for  Laboratories,Scientific research institutions and colleges, Medical,Environmental protection agencies,Petrochemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Agricultural testing,Life science etc. The headquarter is located in zhengzhou city, Henan province, China.
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potentiometric titration in olive oil
Application of potentiometric titration in olive oil
Olive oil is directly and cold-pressed from fresh olive fruit, without heating and chemical treatment, and retains natural nutrients.
photosynthesis tester
Detailed explanation of the working principle of photosynthesis tester
The so-called photosynthesis is simply a process in which green plants convert carbon dioxide and water into energy-storage organic matter under the irradiation of light, and release oxygen.
planetary ball mill NXQM-6L
Application case of planetary ball mill NXQM-6L
(1)Application field: pigment;  (2)Material/raw material: cinnabar; 
rotary evaporator in the recovery of lipid solvents
Application of rotary evaporator in the recovery of lipid solvents
Because lipid solvents are generally toxic, strong odor, easy to vaporize, and lipids with a large number of evaporation temperature difference and low temperature,
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Application of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer in commodity, food quality testing.
Trace elements such as As,Hg,Se,Pb,Ge in cosmetics, meat, fish, oral liquid, milk and milk products are commonly detected by atomic absorption all over the world.
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laser particle sizer
Based on the measurement principle, how to choose a suitable particle size analyzer?(一)
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vis spectrophotometer
Wavelength range area of a spectrophotometer.
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Light spectrum, chromatography, mass spectrometry and wave spectroscopy in the field of detection.
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First tier manufacturer of precise equipment for  Laboratories
Aoda Instrument Equipment is the first tier manufacturer of precise equipment for  Laboratories, Scientific research institutions and colleges, Medical,Environmental protection agencies,Petrochemical industry etc.
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